June 7-8, 2017

SEMIEXPO Russia exhibitors are the suppliers to and partners of the Russia’s leading microelectronics and photovoltaic companies. From silicon to system — and everything in between and beyond — SEMIEXPO Russia showcases the biggest and brightest names in microelectronics manufacturing.


Company name Booth № website Country
Advanced Epi B30 http://www.advancedepi.com/ United Kingdom 
ARMY-2017 B23 www.rusarmyexpo.ru Russia
ASML The Netherlands B.V. C01 www.asml.com The Netherlands
Automatic wardrobe В40   Russia
BetaMISiS В40   Russia
BioDigital В40   Russia
centrotherm clean solutions A07 www.centrotherm-cs.de Germany
Chimmed B05 www.chimmed.ru Russia
COLANDIS GmbH    https://pages.colandis.com/semiexpo-russia Germany
CPS Europe B30 http://cps-europe.com/ United Kingdom 
Crocus Nano Electronics   http://crocusnano.com/en/ Russia
CS Clean Solutions AG A07 www.csclean.com Germany
CW-Player В40   Russia
Deaxo B22 www.deaxo.com Russia
DELTA B30 https://asic.madebydelta.com/ Denmark
Department of Radio and Electronics Industry of MINPROMTORG Russia  B15 http://minpromtorg.gov.ru/en/ Russia
Dipaul C22 www.dipaul.ru Russia
Dockweiler AG B29 www.dockweiler.com Germany
EBARA Precision Machinery Europe GmbH A07 www.ebara-pm.eu Germany
EcoMonitoring В40   Russia
Elint SP C01 www.elintsp.com Russia
Eltochpribor B19 www.eltochpribor.ru Russia
Energy of the future В40   Russia
Energy-sufety and Energy-economy C19 www.endf.ru Russia
Eurointech A08 www.eurointech.ru Russia
Faeth Group GmbH A01 www.faethgroup.com Germany
FemtoGuide В40   Russia
Firma BEA B34   Russia
Fraunhofer ENAS A07 www.enas.fraunhofer.de Germany
Fraunhofer IIS/EAS A07 www.eas.iis.fraunhofer.de Germany
Frounhofer IZM-ASSID B12 www.izm.fraunhofer.de/assid Germany
FRT GmbH A07 www.frt-gmbh.com Germany
GARM В40   Russia
Genauigkeits Maschinenbau Nurnberg GmbH    B12 http://www.grinders.de/de/ Germany
Gurvin А02   Russia
Hatul Madan В40   Russia
Hot Line - Telecom A12 www.techbook.ru Russia
Ideco Mesh В40   Russia
IEPE NIAS MEPhI В40   Russia
Intech Analytics B32 www.intech-group.ru Russia
Ion Beam Services B30 http://www.ionbeamservicesuk.com/ United Kingdom 
IQ GmbH A01   Germany
JSC NRI of Technologies and Communications В15 www.instel.ru Russia
JSR Micro NV B01 www.jsrmicro.be Belgium
KBTEM-OMO A18 www.kb-omo.by Belarus
KMG Ultra Pure Chemicals SAS C01 http://kmgchemicals.com France
KRAS В40   Russia
LapshinLAB В40   Russia
LED Forester В40   Russia
Maicom - Quarz GmbH B12 www.maicom-quarz.de Germany
Maicon Systems B12   Germany
Mediana Filter C16 www.mediana-filter.ru Russia
Minateh С17 www.minateh.ru Russia
MueTec GmbH A07 www.muetec.com Germany
National Microelectronics Institute B30 https://nmi.org.uk United Kingdom 
NPK System  A04 www.npksystem.ru Russia
NPK Technological Center С02 www.tcen.ru Russia
NPP Esto A22 www.nppesto.ru Russia
Ntek Litho B30 http://nteklitho.com/ United Kingdom 
ORAS В40   Russia
Providers of machinery and equipment B38 www.oborudunion.ru Russia
Raith GmbH B25 www.raith.com Germany
Rubicon В40   Russia
Rudolph Technologies A07 www.rudolphtech.com Germany
S3 Alliance B11 www.s3-alliance.com Russia
Salted ears В40   Russia
Schenker AG  B12 www.dbschenker.com Germany
SCM В40   Russia
Screen SPE Germany GmbH B11 www.screen-spe.eu Germany
Second before the start В40   Russia
SELF Electrostatics В40   Russia
Sempa Systems A07 www.sempa.de Germany
Silicon Saxony E.V. A07 www.silicon-saxony.de Germany
SKB-4 MAI В40   Russia
SKTO-PROMPROEKT С02 www.ckto-promproekt.ru Russia
SPEEDFAM CO, Ltd B34  http://www.speedfam.com Japan
SPELS В40   Russia
SPS Europe C30 www.sps-europe.com The Netherlands
STA Press D05 www.soel.ru Russia
STMP Zelenograd С02 www.stmp.ru Russia
SVCS Process Innovation s.r.o. C12 www.svcs.eu Czech Republic
TECHNIC France B01 http://www.technic.com France
Technoinfo LTD C26 www.technoinfo.ru Russia
Technologies in Electronic Industry A24 www.tech-e.ru Russia
Technosfera A06 www.electronics.ru Russia
Thermco Systems B30 http://www.thermcosystems.com/ United Kingdom 
UWB communication В40   Russia
VAT Group AG   www.vatvalve.com Switzerland
VGUIT В40   Russia
WireBuster В40   Russia
Zelenograd Development Corporation C02 www.skat3d.ru Russia
Zelenograd Nanotechnology Center JSC  С02 www.zntc.ru Russia
Zenco Plasma B09 www.zencoplasma.ru Russia


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