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SVCS develop and manufacture batch horizontal and vertical diffusion furnaces as well as PECVD and LPCVD furnaces for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry and also for R&D institutes. Other products include various Ultra Hight Purity gas source systems like gas cabinets and VMBs. Last year SVCS developed automation for both wafer transfer from cassettes to boats and for lifting the boats on a paddle of a horizontal furnace, as well as completely new robotic system for our vertical furnace. A great success was facelift of our “table-top” model of R&D small batch horizontal furnace.

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VAT is the leading global developer, manufacturer and supplier of high-performance high-end vacuum valves, multi-valve modules, edge-welded bellows and related value-added services. The Group, headquartered in Haag, Switzerland, employs about 1,700 people worldwide. VAT has a global manufacturing footprint with production facilities in Haag, Switzerland, Penang, Malaysia, and Arad, Romania, as well as a facility in Xinwu, Taiwan, serving local customers.
VAT’s products and services are mainly used in semiconductor, display and solar panel manufacturing as well as in a wide range of industry and research applications.
VAT is represented in Russia by INTECH Analytics JSC.