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20 August 2018

Dear partners!

Meet the first news industry edition of the exhibition brand SEMIEXPO RUSSIA. We have collected all the most relevant information for you and will do it regularly to ensure your growth and development in Russia and in global markets.

In the current issue:

   1.Alena Fomina, Electronics Сentral Research Institute: we assist everyone who is motivated to obtain results

In spring 2018 the Innovative radio electronics contest for young scientists and engineers is held again. Its purpose is not only to identify the most promising scientific and engineering developments of young people, but also to prepare their developments from the stage of  “idea” to the implementation in practice. How does the project help to stop the outflow of Russian professionals abroad and what opportunities are opened for professionals in the field of radio electronics these issues have been highlighted in the interview with 4science by Alena Fomina, the General Director of the Information and Analytical Centre of the Russian Radio Electronics Industry Electronics Central Research Institute. Read more

    2.IV International Forum “Microelectronics 2018”

Starting from October 1 till October 6, 2018 in Alushta (Republic of Crimea) IV International Forum “Microelectronics 2018” will be held. The event is one of the main events of the year in microelectronic industry which is strategically important for Russia and is supported by the relevant ministries of the Russian Federation. The Forum is organized by JSC “Progress MRI”, JSC “MERI”, NRU “MIET”. Read more

   3.Gallium Nitride – Next Gen Power Semiconductor

Gallium Nitride (GaN) has gained traction in recent years owing to the shift observed in the global semiconductor scenario wherein the silicon dominated semiconductor industry is receding due to the design, power, and switching constraints posed by silicon. Hence, the time is ripe to invest in research, development, and commercialization of products based on GaN. Read more



     4.Future Horizons Newsletter. August 2018. Read more

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