SemiExpo 2021 » Ostec EC will take part at SEMIEXPO Russia 2020
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04 September 2020

We are pleased to announce that Ostec EC will become the participant of the international exhibition SEMIEXPO Russia 2020, which will be held November 2-3 at the IEC “Expocentre”, Moscow.

About the company

Ostec EC specializes in the implementation of complex projects to develop the technical and technological capabilities of the customer in the field of electronic components production.

The use of standard technological and technical solutions for the production of integrated microcircuits, MEMS, micro assemblies and hybrid modules, power devices, multichip modules and 3D-integrated structures in work with clients allows to shorten project implementation times, increase the efficiency of capital investments and achieve the highest technological results.

These solutions development was based on the implemented projects of Ostec EC as well as projects worked out with foreign partners with adjustments taking into account the peculiarities of the existing production, engineering capacities and customer technologies, the materials used and the staff qualifications.

A deep understanding of the technological development level of the domestic and global electronics industry allows implementing a more flexible approach to customer projects with special requirements and the possibility of elaboration for specific tasks.

More detailed information about the company via the link: