SemiExpo 2021 » The seminar “Customer experience management: new goals for the equipment suppliers” will be held within the framework of SEMIEXPO Russia 2020 in Moscow
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11 March 2020

According to RBC statistics, investments in the client service pay off three times.
According to Service Adviser statistics, increasing customer loyalty by changing customer service standards leads to an increase in equipment sales by 20-30% within 12 to 18 months.
Most successful companies in Russia have already changed the “fire fighting” model in the service to “system work based on standards and KPIs”. ⠀
Many of them were able to identify and” digitize ” the Investment – Service – Loyalty-Sales links in their market. Such companies received not only a first-class technical service, the profit of which is comparable to the sales of equipment, but also the opportunity to conduct a more flexible pricing policy.
They have come close to organizing effective work simultaneously with many market segments that have different values and priorities, thereby increasing their competitiveness, and have come to the next stage of development.
A new trend for international companies is customer experience Management (CX).
This is the design of interaction with the client at all points of contact. These are tasks at the intersection of Sales Marketing and Service that increase the requirements for internal processes and the competence of managers of all departments, and in particular – technical service. ⠀
“The idea of holding a seminar for Service and Sales managers to develop a joint strategy was born with the organizers of SEMIEXPO Russia and I was happy to support it,”Maxim Klemeshov said.
“We would like to draw the attention of the heads of companies in the field of electronics, microelectronics, and industrial equipment that in the long term, only a high-quality service that sets the main task of solving customer problems can be profitable. How to make more efficient processes in service, eliminate wasted time and to increase the interest and involvement of employees in continuous improvement of service – all this and more will be available for participants.