SemiExpo 2022 » PitchDeck session of the INRADEL 2020 season will be held at SEMIEXPO Russia
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22 October 2020

Semiexpo Russia will host a PitchDeck session and an exhibition of projects participating in the INRADEL 2020 season – an international development program and competition for innovative projects.
On November 2 – 3, students and postgraduates from leading universities – NRNU MEPhI, NRU BelGU, MIET, MAI, SPbPU – will present their projects at the IEC “Expocentre”, Moscow. Among innovative startups:

  • Development of an automated installation for chemical liquid etching for the formation of dielectric membrane structures and other semiconductor and micromechanical structures
  • Development of precision control and measuring equipment
  • ClimateGuard – a service for integrated monitoring of indoor microclimate
  • Development of software for monitoring the condition, activities and assessing the quality indicators of the piglet
  • Development of a biotechnical apparatus for accurate diagnosis of the time of death
  • Method of modification of alloys by discharge in a liquid flow
  • Digital fiber optic current transformer

The INRADEL program is an ecosystem of support for early stage startups. Since 2013, the program has been helping young innovators (undergraduate and graduate students) to pump a technical idea to the pre-seed level in six months of intensive work.
Participants learn the basics of technology entrepreneurship, finalize developments under the guidance of the best mentors, jointly build a business model and package a project to attract investment.
The best projects participate in the Russian-Chinese Industrial Innovation Awards “Innovation Awards”, undergo an acceleration program, receive investments for the implementation and scaling of developments.