SemiExpo 2022 » Roselectronics Holding will make car tires “smart”
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28 January 2019

The Roselectronic holding of Rostec State Corporation will develop smart tags for tires using the Internet of Things technology. Tags will be able to collect information about the state of the tire – pressure, temperature, as well as calculate the exact mileage of each wheel and provide control parameters of operation. In addition, the tags will automate inventory accounting and prevent the circulation of counterfeit products. You can access the data through a mobile application or a web interface. To bring the product to the market is planned for 2020.

The development of smart tags will be carried out by the Research Institute of Microelectronic Apparatus Progress of the Holding Raselectronics.

According to the executive director of Rostec State Corporation, Oleg Yevtushenko, smart tires based on the Internet of Things technology are a completely new civilian product for both the Russian and global markets. Their use will significantly improve the safety of vehicles. In the future, “smart” tires can be integrated with the navigation and communication terminal ERA-GLONASS, also planned for release by the Progress Institute. The data will be transmitted to the control center so that the dispatcher can contact the driver and warn him in advance about possible problems with the tires on the car. It is assumed that this function will be in demand, for example, by large taxi companies and logistics companies.


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