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INRADEL 2020: International development program for startups’ and hr in semiconductor and electronic industry

The INRADEL program was initiated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and is not limited only to Russian teams, it includes representatives of the SIS countries and Europe, and a separate program, that is held in China as part of the Russian-Chinese competition “INNOVATION AWARDS”.

During this time, the INRADEL project has grown from a simple competition to a whole educational and development program: a special IT source, where all stages of program are automated, and the expert commission selects applications in several stages remotely was made. This platform consists of a database with participant’s projects and CV’s.

Despite of the most acceleration programs, which are focused at the IT sphere, INRADEL supports also “hardware” projects in semiconductors, electronics and fundamental research.

Also this year we’ve created a special on-line course on technological entrepreneurship, because we believe that a modern engineer and, moreover, the project founder should understand and be able to manage not only the technical side of the business, but also be competent in project management techniques, know basics of business and finance, marketing and promotion.

You can take part in our program if your project is a fundamental scientific research or has a good perspective for commercialization. We are interested in such themes like computer science, communication technologies, IoT and Data, additive technologies and of course microelectronics and photonics.

We develop a whole community of talented young innovators and continue to work with them even after the end of the annual program season. In addition to a detailed expertise of the projects, wide media coverage of the winner’s achievements and a grant from the organizers, after participating in INRADEL, the founders receive many offers for R&D and launching pilot projects with industry organizations, as well as offers for venture financing.

During the program, teams receive a great experience of participation in international industry conferences and forums, especially, in the annual exhibition and forum SEMIEXPO RUSSIA, where is a special section Science & Technology ARENA for INRADEL projects. It’s a wonderful opportunity for young entrepreneurs to show their projects for a worldwide society. Studying, working and developing a business can and should be around the world.

One of the main trends of modern microelectronics is that you need to cooperate if you want to develop. You can’t confine in the framework of one country, specialists should be trained with the involvement of international experts, undergo an internship in existing industries and in design centers, at home and abroad.

We need to unite the world expert community, industry organizations and funds to cooperate not only in terms of production and sales, but also in terms of scientific, technological and personnel exchange, the creation of an international ecosystem.



Innovative radio electronics – the annual All-Russian competition of scientific and technical works, held in 2013 with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The competition is held in order to form a strategic reserve of management and engineering personnel of the radio electronic industry from young and talented students, post-graduate students and researchers engaged in applied research in the scientific, technical and economic fields.

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