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Representatives of industry, national and international press are welcome to the SEMIEXPO Russia exhibition, programs and related events. SEMIEXPO Russia is the largest event in Russia on semiconductor manufacturing and related technologies.
Press Registration

SEMIEXPO accredited press representatives have access to all public conferences and proceedings.

SEMIEXPO Russia Media Accreditation

SEMIEXPO Russia features highly technical content specific to the manufacture of microelectronics including semiconductors, MEMS, and photovoltaics. Due to the nature of this content and due to the high number of requests we receive for media accreditation, SEMIEXPO will only accredit journalists acting in an editorial capacity in fields specifically related to the semiconductor equipment and materials and microelectronics manufacturing industries.

As a service to SEMIEXPO exhibitors, SEMIEXPO provides media accreditation to members of the working press. Accredited persons will have free access to the exposition, the working press room and to scheduled press conferences solely for the purposes of reporting on the semiconductor equipment and materials industry, industry news events, new products, business development, and other news associated with SEMIEXPO expositions.

Accreditation will be granted to those acting in an editorial capacity for relevant publications or news organizations. SEMIEXPO will not accredit publishers or associate publishers, sales, advertising, PR, marketing, technical support staff, consultants and exhibiting company personnel.

Applicants for accreditation, who show official documents (original) of membership of a recognized press organizations, associations or federations may be required to show proof of professional status, including a business card with an editorial title or publication masthead, in case it is not apparent that they act in an editorial position or/and report in one of the fields as stated above.

Other applicants must show a business card and may also be requested to show an editorial title and a current masthead including their names.

These rules apply to reporters from industry trade publications, business magazines and newspapers, internationally recognized magazines/newspapers/newsletters produced by industry associations, broadcast reporters and producers.

Persons issued press credentials are prohibited from advertising sales while at SEMIEXPO Russia. Press credentials will be revoked for anyone engaged in sales or solicitation activities.

Specific Rules

Freelance journalists or writers must provide an original letter of assignment and two bylined articles published within the last six months. Those who freelance occasionally and are employed by non-news organizations are not eligible for media credentials. Authors must be under current contract and provide an original letter from their publisher.

Journalists or editors on-line, i.e. journalists or editors form internet-based, newsletter or solicited-article publications can be accredited if they report for the ‘on-line section’ of a recognized or well established ‘paper’ publication already accredited according to the present rules. Others must provide proof of a direct editorial coverage of the semiconductor equipment or materials industry or related technology to be considered for eligibility.

Market research staff and analysts can be accredited if they write for internationally recognized market research journals on a consistent basis. They must produce a business card and may be requested to provide articles published within the last six months.

Camera/sound crews must provide broadcast station ID.
Contact person:

Ms. Maria Lapina


T: + 7 495 649 69 11
M.: +7 926 312 53 49