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We, the COLANDIS GmbH- the clean air company- analyse your product or process to find the best, pure and low-particle solution for the protection of them, based on our know-how in cleanroom technology. The focus is always on quality of your product and process. With more than 20 years of knowledge in cleanroom technology, we support our customers from the process analysis to the development and production to the qualification of the individual products as well as with cleanroom and cleanliness suitability tests.

After process analysis we develop the most efficient solution to create the necessary clean environment within your process and to realize them. Such a solution can be a locally limited minienvironment or a complete cleanroom, which is kept as small as possible.

To protect your products in the long-term, we help you with your questions concerning cleaning of components, machines and your clean environment. Thereby the quality of your product always comes first. Following the cleaning, we offer a cleanliness and cleanroom suitability test to qualify your components, machines and clean environment. Moreover, it is ensured that the components and machines are cleanliness suitably packaged and
transported accordingly.

We are always striving to find individual solutions by constantly looking for new solutions and developing ourselves together with our customers.