SemiExpo 2021 » Russian electro technologies will appear in medical institutions in Germany
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18 September 2019

The Moscow company won a tender to supply a test batch of innovative LED lights for a network of medical clinics in Bavaria.


Based on the results of the test delivery, a decision will be made on the replication of lighting solutions for the entire network of medical municipal clinics in Munich. And this is, according to the estimates of the capital’s manufacturer, 20 thousand lighting devices.


“The volume of exports of electrical equipment from Moscow in January-May 2019 amounted to $ 587.7 million. The main sales markets were the CIS countries, Egypt and China. Undoubtedly, we should not lose these markets, but we cannot say that they are the only ones. We have the main vectors that we need to work on. First of all, this is the penetration of new market players to foreign markets, the expansion of export geography, which will allow to increase the volume of industrial exports. This example shows that a young Moscow company can seriously compete with industry giants by offering certified products of European quality. We will continue to develop the “single window” and “navigator” formats for industrial export-oriented enterprises, both in terms of solving current problems and the support measures they need: from solving technical issues and overcoming administrative barriers, to finding new customers and integrating our suppliers into international cooperation chains, ”said Alexander Prokhorov, head of the Moscow Investment and Industrial Policy Department.


According to the press service of the Warton Group of Companies, the estimated potential of this cooperation may be about 40 million rubles (approx. 625 thousand US dollars).


Today, LED lamps under the VARTON trademark are successfully sold not only in the CIS countries, the Customs Union and the Baltic States, but also in Central and Western Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In the longer term, the Moscow company plans to switch to a two-level sales model, as well as launch production outside of Russia. A.


“Our immediate plans for the future,” says Mikhail Gudzev, director of the International Sales Department of Varton Group of Companies, “expand the geography of the brand’s presence: gain a foothold in the markets of the Middle East, including Syria and Iran, the African continent, and India. The task of developing a network of distributors is still relevant for us.”