SemiExpo 2021 » The eco-monitoring platform project for the MAI students got 1 million rubles from the electronic industry.
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09 April 2018

September 28, 2017, Moscow –  Omsk September 18-20 the final events of the fourth season of the annual international competition of scientific and technical works “Innovative radio electronics” were held. Solemn completion was held in Omsk in the framework of the XVI branch scientific and technical conference “Development of radio electronics – the basis of the digital economy of Russia”. The organizer of the event was the head institute of the branch of JSC “CNII” Electronics “with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

In the finals, there were 21 teams of young engineers from Moscow, Omsk, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Saratov, St. Petersburg, Tomsk and Yerevan, who successfully passed the qualifying stages – questionnaire selection and video presentation of the project. Before the final, participants took part in the educational session, during which the largest enterprises of the electronic industry (semiconductor production Angstrem-T, Research Institute “Masshtab”, OAO Avangard, PJSC “INEUM named after IS Brook” “, JSC” Baikal Electronics “, Innovation Center” Skolkovo “) and formed a project portfolio consisting of a business plan and a financial model of the project.

The winner of the contest and the owner of a grant of 1 million rubles was a team from the Moscow Aviation Institute. Students Victoria Boyarshinova and Daria Perepelyuk presented the project “Eco-monitoring” – a mobile complex for weather monitoring and ecology of large cities on the basis of a guided drone. The complex is capable of fulfilling the tasks of monitoring emissions from industrial plants in the environment, weather conditions around the runways, assessing environmental pollution near residential areas, man-made factors in catastrophes, measuring the carbon dioxide and other gases in cities, measuring hazardous temperatures to identify the risk of fire.

“It’s no secret that in Russia there is a serious problem with cadres, especially in science and industry – there is a big outflow of human capital abroad. We are trying to find promising young scientists and show them that their developments can be claimed and financed in their homeland, “notes Alena Fomina, general director of JSC” CRI “Electronics”.

In the section “Technological breakthrough” prize-winning places were occupied by projects of innovative mobile power supply (MISiS team, 1st place), portable device for analysis of microorganisms causing human pathologies (the team of the Samara National Research University named after SPKorolev, 2nd place) and the project for the study of broadband communication modules (the team of Prof. Bonch-Bruevich SPbSUU, the third place).

In the section “Innovations in business” prize-winning places shared the projects of the myo-interface (the team of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute and the Moscow State University, the 1 st place), the 3D-tomography of the road condition (the team of NI TSU, 2nd place) and the tracking of movements for VR- “MEI”, 3rd place). A total of 758 participants from 17 regions of Russia took part in the qualifying round of the contest, submitting 383 scientific papers to the experts’ court.

“Competition, of course, does not completely solve the issues of the personnel reserve. But this initiative is a great chance to introduce young specialists to the industry and show how they can change its future, – adds Pavel Kutsko, deputy director of the Department of Radioelectronic Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. “The experience of the past years shows that after protection projects continue to develop in real enterprises of the radio electronic industry, and the participants themselves find work in the leading organizations of the industry.”

At the final stages of the stand defense and presentation, the participants submitted to the experts’ court projects in the field of computer technology, electronics for communications, intelligent control systems and robotics, optoelectronics and photonics aimed at developing and creating new elements, devices, systems and technologies, as well as in the field fundamental research.

As part of the final program, the teams received expert support from leading experts in the financial, marketing and technological profiles that delivered lectures and master classes for participants in the competition on topics of financial modeling and management of innovative projects, technological forecasting and trend formation, including the actual concept of the digital economy in industry.

The projects were evaluated by an expert jury, which included representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and organizations of the electronic industry: JSC “CRI” Electronics “, SRI” Scale “, JSC” NPP “Radar mms”, JSC “Baikal Electronics”, JSC “NPP” Italma, Avangard, OOO Ostech-SMT, OOO ProMobot, JSC NPP Pulsar, OOO Heitek, JSC Angstrem, Raisecom Technology Ltd.

About the contest
Innovative radio electronics – the annual All-Russian competition of scientific and technical works, held in 2013 with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The competition is held in order to form a strategic reserve of management and engineering personnel of the radio electronic industry from young and talented students, post-graduate students and researchers engaged in applied research in the scientific, technical and economic fields.

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