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15 October 2018

Dear partners!

Meet the third news industry edition of the exhibition brand SEMIEXPO RUSSIA. We have collected all the most relevant information for you and will do it regularly to ensure your growth and development in Russia and in global markets.

In the current issue:

   1. The results of the All-Russian Scientific and Technical Conference on Microelectronics MES-2018 have been summed up.

On October 4, the All-Russian Scientific and Technical Conference “Problems of Development of Advanced Micro and Nanoelectronic Systems – 2018” finished its work in Zelenograd. The event was held with the participation of the first full-growth anthropomorphic robot Alice Zelenogradova. Read more

2. Introduction to the power IC market 2018.

Our society is continuously evolving. Nowadays, increased connectivity, increased safety, automation and less polluting systems are major directions. We can see the proliferation of electronic devices around us in our day-to-day life, from radio to TV sets, fridges, washing machines, digital cameras, smartphones, drones, smartwatches or electric cars. The impact on the demand of electronic devices is benefiting different markets and power management devices in particular. As a matter of fact, any electronic device needs power management. Thus, it is not surprising that the Power Integrated Circuit (IC) market evolves by following megatrends, dictated by end user demand. In fact, end product availability depends on power management technology, functionality capabilities and the accessibility of the components themselves. Read more

3.Continuous innovation across development, manufacturing, and business is the hallmark of SiTime’s success..

Global society is currently impacted by huge megatrends that will shape tomorrow’s industry. These megatrends offer impressive business opportunities for electronics, especially sensors and MEMS. Read more



4. The winners of the innovation awards competition have been announced.

On September 17, 2018, the final of the Innovation Awards, which is the first Russian-Chinese competition of industrial innovations, was held in Xian (China). Read more

5. Rating of the Russian electronic industry organizations.

We offer for your attention the first rating of the Russian radioelectronics industry organizations. The project is targeted to improve brand  awareness of the industry enterprises, to identify key players and their role in the national economy, and to obtain the objective confirmation of the market positions of the industry companies. Read more

6. Future Horizons Monthly Newsletter Read more

Ocotber edition of newsletter contains the following:

  • Industry news by company
  • Industry trends/news
  • World ecenomic round up
  • Industry events


7. Gallium Oxide – Promising Semiconductor Material

As the search for new semiconductor materials is being carried out, wide band gap materials have emerged as possible replacements for silicon. Gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC) are already in the commercialization stage as they are being used in various high power electronic applications while new materials such as gallium oxide (Ga2O3) are being explored as potential semiconductor materials capable of catering to the circuit requirements of power electronics. Read more


8. Competitive image sensor ecosystem, the renewed dynamics at Omnivision Read more

CMOS image sensors (CIS) have become key components of the semiconductor industry. This is not only because of the technology involved and the revenue it generates, but also because it is now impossible to imagine a smartphone, a car or even a house without numerous enabling cameras. The CIS industry reached $13.9B in 2017 and Yole Developpement (Yole) is expecting a CAGR of 9.4% for the next 5 years, as shown in the newly released report “Status of the CMOS Image Sensor Industry 2018”.

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