SemiExpo 2022 » QUALCOMM introduced new chipsets for IOT-devices with 4K-video support
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13 April 2018

Qualcomm announced the release of two processor chipsets (SoCs), made on 10-nanometer technology – QCS605 and QCS603, which are specifically designed for Internet devices things.

The new processors are aimed at such home smart devices as cameras with wide-angle lenses, robotic vacuums and smart displays, writes Engadget. Simultaneously, Qualcomm announced the launch of the platform Vision Intelligence Platform, which provides a development tool (SDK) for manufacturers of IoT-devices with elements of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This platform also contains an SDK for camera developers and recognition systems, with the help of which they can create applications for their products.

QCS605 and QCS603 contain multi-core processors based on ARM, graphics processor Adreno, vector processor Hexagon.

Qualcomm said that the new chipsets provide “excellent image quality” thanks to the Spectra 270 ISP video processing processor, which supports the signal from two 16-megapixel sensors. Thus, work with two streams of 4K-video at a speed of 60 frames / sec with support for HDR is provided. This can improve the quality of video in VR-glasses or security cameras.

Chipsets support WiFi 2х2 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.1. and other protocols. The QCS605 has an eight-core processor (two 2.5 GHz cores, six 1.5 GHz), the QCS603 has a quad-core processor (two 1.6 GHz and two 1.7 GHz cores). It is expected that chipsets will be available in the second half of this year.


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